Authenticating a diploma

Blockchain Explorers

The Class report hash can be verified in the blockchain using any blockchain explorer aware of OP_RETURN transactions.

As of January 2019, such blockchain explorers include:

The Class report file digest is stored in the Bitcoin blockchain, as an OP_RETURN transaction output, as shown in the very last line of the above screenshot (file digest: b458a901da05428d5a36a9571e00ebbb743630de1d68575294e798c18bfb4a3c).
The file itself is stored securely by in the Amazon cloud (AWS S3).
Recruiters can verify that the Class report digest matches the digest recorded in the blockchain.
The Class report is simply a list of the diplomas identified by their digest (see sample Class report below).
The Class report can be authenticated by verifying that the Bitcoin address shown at the bottom of the Class report (1PfoofVRHxf24zTyzrcJTTV7nKgHcCz2Ak in our example)
1) is used as an input of the same transaction where the Class report digest is an output,
2) is published by the School as the Bitcoin address corresponding to the Class.
Once the Class report is authenticated, a diploma should be considered authentic if its file digest is listed on the Class report.

Download Sample Class Report