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Secured by the Blockchain

Diploma.report allows any school to publish a Class report, that is an authenticated list of all the diplomas, showing only the hash of each diploma belonging to the Class.
The School Class report digest is stored in the Bitcoin blockchain.
Upon receiving a diploma, Bob, a recruiter, can verify that the diploma digest is listed in the Class report.
Using any blockchain explorer, Bob can search transactions from the Bitcoin address shown on the Class report: one of them should display the Class report digest as an output and the School address as an input.
By checking a reliable source, such as diploma.report or the School website, Bob can verify that the Bitcoin address was used by the School to authenticate the diplomas of the Class.

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Based on Free Software

Diploma.report is meant to serve the needs of graduates, schools, universities and recruiters.
Diploma.report was developped using free software, notably ruby-on-rails, bitcoin-ruby and money-tree.
Free blockchain explorers such as blockcypher.com or blocktrail.com can be used to check the signature of the School bitcoin on a transaction showing the hash of the class report.

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Easy to Use

No sign up is required.
Alice, a student, will simply visit our "Schools" page and click on her Class year.
The page will enable Alice to compute the digest of her diploma and to search for her diploma page using her first and last name.
An HR recruiter receiving her diploma can search for her diploma page and verify her diploma like so:

1. Compute the hash of the diploma
2. Verify that the Class Report includes the hash

How to Verify a Diploma

Diploma.report includes the following features:

  • Compute the SHA256 digest of a file
  • Upload and optionally store the file in the Amazon cloud (AWS S3)
  • Supported file format: png, jpg, pdf
  • Maximum file size with free plan: 6666k.
  • Download the original file any time from the Amazon cloud storage (option).
  • Log the file hash in the blockchain and save the tx ID for easy retrieval.

The file hash can be verified in the blockchain using any blockchain explorer aware of OP_RETURN transactions.